Our Sunday morning worship gets started at 10:45 am, so please plan to arrive a few minutes ahead.

We strive to be a Christ-centered church that seeks to honor God and live by His Word. We’ve been located at our current site for over 50 years and are very much a community church–full of all kinds of people from a great diversity of backgrounds within our community. This is a source of great strength and makes for wonderful Christian fellowship. Our church leadership consists of leaders or “elders” who are tasked with the spiritual oversight of our church. In Scripture, we find three distinct groups of people who exercise some form of leadership in the church: the congregation, consisting of all church members; elders, those men appointed to spiritual oversight in the church; and deacons, who serve the congregation in hands-on, practical ways.

Bound to no outside association, body, or organization, the congregation is in authority over itself under God and is a local manifestation of the “body of Christ.” In their role as overseers, the elders guide the church, particularly focusing on matters concerning teaching, preaching, and prayer. The elders direct the spiritual life of the church at the pleasure of the congregation, handling matters relevant to the Word and prayer. The ministry leaders, pictured not as a second legislative body but as a group of able servants, assist the elders by facilitating ministry. Finally, our minister enables the daily ministry of the church in a variety of capacities, filling roles necessitated by our growing congregation.

The Setting

Find a place to park and just walk right in through one of the entrances under the car ports. You’ll pass through a short foyer and directly into the auditorium area where we meet for worship. Expect to find people talking and smiling a lot. Someone will stop to welcome you, but you will not be asked for any personal information or put on the spot in any way. Once the singing gets started just find a seat in any pew and relax.

Worship in Singing

We like to sing and praise God, worshiping Him because He deserves the glory! For the most part, the songs we sing are a mix of traditional hymns and praise and worship songs. We consider our worship of God our first responsibility as Christians.


There will be several prayers during the service. And there will be prayers for specific needs and requests. Feel free at the designated time to make your own prayer request! It will be our privilege to pray with and for you!


Each week, a lesson from the Bible will be offered by our minister or a guest speaker. You don’t need to refer to the minister by an ecclesial title – he may be referred to as brother, minister, or most preferable to him, just called by his first name. He won’t be wearing any ecclesiastical vestments which would set him apart from the rest of the congregation. The sermon will be offered for about 30 minutes and will adhere closely to our text for the day.

The Lord’s Supper

If you visit on a Sunday, the Lord’s Supper is a very important part of our worship service and our church observes the Lord’s Supper every Sunday following our sermon. We read in the New Testament scriptures that the early church celebrated this observance on the first day of the week. During this memorial, plates containing pieces of unleavened bread will be passed throughout the congregation. The bread symbolizes the body of Jesus. Each participating person will break off a piece of bread and eat it. Next, trays of small cups will be distributed. The cups will contain “fruit of the vine,” (grape juice) symbolizing the blood of Jesus. Each participant will drink the contents of one of the cups. If you choose not to participate, don’t be embarrassed. Feel free to just pass the tray or plate to the person next to you.


Also, if you visit on a Sunday, a container will be passed to collect the weekly financial offerings. As our guest, you are not expected to make a donation. Feel perfectly comfortable in just passing the collection plate on down the row.

What will be expected of you

We want you to worship with us! Particularly if you are already a follower of Christ, but even if you are seeking, we want you to come and see what the Lord is doing among us. We believe that all life is worship. For us, to love God is to worship Him through prayer, song, the study of the scriptures, and through my obedience, especially to the “greatest commandments.” Also, to love Him is to worship Him communally, not only on Sundays, but also through service to the body of Christ and to those outside the body. You are welcome to participate in every aspect of our worship. You will be invited to sign a connection card which will help us to get to know you better. The information you will be asked to provide will allow us to pray rightly for you and to later thank you for your visit.

The People

What kind of people do you expect to find at Monmouth? Pretty much the entire spectrum, as in any group. We’re a diverse group, coming from varied backgrounds, and at different stages of knowledge and spiritual growth. We don’t know everything. We don’t do everything right. We haven’t arrived – we are still on the journey, but you see we were not brought together by any illusion of perfection or righteousness. We were brought together by our recognition that we are sinners in need of the cleansing blood of Jesus. That is the reason we can worship together, stick together, and with God’s help accomplish some things that make a difference, but bottom line, you will find people who love Jesus and love the Bible.