We as shepherds of this flock desire to fulfill our Biblical instructions by being the overseers who have taken the responsibility for the spiritual nurturing of each member of this church; Acts 20:28. We do not “Lord it over” the church as a boss or ruler might, but rather our authority is derived from that freely given us by the willing submission of each member of the congregation to work and worship under our leadership.

Elders sometimes have been perceived as a board of directors: authoritarian, autocratic, and even dictatorial. That is not a leadership style described in the New Testament when talking of bishops. Instead, New Testament elders are shepherds of the flock of God. They are committed to leading and nurturing, not lording over; demonstrating rather than demanding; inspiring rather than intimidating. They are concerned for every member of the congregation just as Jesus is concerned for each of us even when we are lost in our sinfulness.We do not claim to have fully acquired these desirable qualities of care and concern to which we aspire. However, we do pledge ourselves to keep learning and growing in the fine art and spiritual gift of shepherding.

To give us more time for shepherding, we delegate as many things as possible. Staff members, ministry leaders, and volunteers shoulder most of the routine responsibility for completing the work and making the decisions of the church. We do not seek to control people or make them what we want them to be. We try instead to mentor, communicate, and encourage our brothers and sisters in the faith. We seek to empower people so that they may be led by the Holy Spirit and be a blessing to the church through their giftedness.

When we must make decisions necessary for the direction of the church’s journey with God, we do so with consideration for the views of others, we proceed prayerfully seeking God’s guidance, and we show respect for the revealed will of God. The elders may not always share the same opinion as matters are discussed, but once a decision is made we all accept and support that decision.

We believe that the collective judgment of the elders is superior to the individual judgment of any one elder or individual member.

Please pray for God to bless us as we lead, that we may prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. Ephesians 4:11-12

The elders meet every week Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:30 PM for the purpose of planning for the care and feeding of this flock so that each member may grow ever increasingly into the likeness of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Head Shepherd. During these times, the door is open to those who seek our counsel regarding their spiritual concerns.